Duck Hunting (Early 5 Day Season): September 22 - 26, 2007

Duck Hunting (First Phase): November 17, 2007 - November 25, 2007

Duck Hunting (Second Phase): December 8, 2007 - January 27, 2008

Youth Waterfowl Hunting Day: February 2 & 3, 2008

Children under the age of 16, supervised by an adult 18 years of age or older, may hunt waterfowl on these 2 days. Shooting hours and bag limits are the same as the regular duck season. Adult supervisors are prohibited from hunting on these days.

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duck huntingThe September 22 - 26, 2007 early season daily duck limit is 4 per hunter. This duck limit shall consist (in any combination) of blue-winged teal, green-winged teal and no more than 2 wood duck. No other species of duck may be taken during the September early season phase.

The November 17, 2007 - November 25, 2007
December 8, 2007 - January 27, 2008
duck season daily bag limit for duck is 6 per hunter. This duck limit shall consist of no more than 4 mallards (2 hens); 2 scaup; 1 black duck; 1 pintail, only during pintial season; 1 mottled duck; 1 fulvous whistling duck; 1 canvasback; 2 wood ducks; 2 redheads; and 4 scoters. All other species of duck (except harlequin ducks) may be taken up to the six-duck daily limit.

Coot daily limit is 15

Mergansers daily limit is 5, only two may be a hooded merganser

Possession limit is two days' bag limit.

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A Waterfowl Identification Guideflorida duck hunting

Click here for a guide that will help you recognize birds on the wing -
it emphasizes their fall and winter plumage patterns as well as size,
shape, and flight characteristics.

Florida's Waterfowl

Florida Mottled Duck
: click here for information and identification.

Florida Wood Duck: click here for information and identification.

Fulvous Whistling Duck: click here for information and identification.

Migratory Waterfowl of Florida

Click here for information and identification.

Click here for Duck's Unlimited waterfowl identification gallery and other information pertaining to duck hunting. This link has excellent identification photos and much more things of interest about duck hunting

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Legal Florida duck hunting shooting hours posted by the Florida Game Commission are one-half hour before sunrise to sunset.
Click here to get sunrise and sunset times for every month of the year

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Consists of either one morning (A.M.) session of hunting -- or one afternoon (P.M.) session of hunting. Our morning of duck hunting is from 5:00 to 10:00 A.M. Our evening of duck hunting is from 1:30 to 6:30 P.M.

Please note - these hours vary with sunrise and sunset standards.

Duck hunters prior to their hunt are required to check with us for the correct time to meet!

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Is conducted on Lake Okeechobee by standing in 6 to 12 inches of water.

We do not duck hunt from a boat!

Duck hunters will be taken out by airboat and placed in a natural vegetation blind of reeds, stand of trees and reeds or around small floating grass islands as shown in the photo. Decoys will be set out by your guide, who will then leave the hunting area and anchor within view of the hunters.

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We are not permitted by Florida law to build permanent duck blinds on public waters.

Click here to view photos of the areas and natural vegetation blinds you will be duck hunting from on Lake Okeechobee.

The photos on this web page will give you a visual idea of the area and type of the territory you will be hunting from.

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Ron's Guide Service welcomes duck hunting retrievers. A duck hunter can bring his dog with him free of charge. Click here for more information on duck hunting retrievers. This link also has many on the lake photos of duck hunters and their retrievers. Items to bring and other information is covered in this link.

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Shotgun not larger than 10 gauge plugged to a three-shell capacity, shotgun shells (50 rounds per each hunter) loaded with steel shot in either shot size of BB, 1, 2 or 4 (bismuth-tin and tungsten-iron are also approved), camo clothing, rain gear (camo color poncho). Bring an alarm clock with you, a flashlight or better yet the type you attach to your head and foam ear plugs for the airboat ride (airboats are loud). Zip-Lock freezer size bags are handy for storing shells and keeping your hunting license, cell phone and other items dry. Bug spray, canteen of drinking water, chest high waders and a folding seat to sit on. Because a hunter's hands and face can give him away immediately, camo gloves and a face mask, or cold-cream-based paints are a necessity. Shiny gun barrels need to be camo tape wrapped. A shiny gun barrel is the number one cause of ducks spotting a hunter and not coming near or into the decoys.


You will need chest waders. If you don't have them each person can rent a pair with adjustable shoulder suspenders for $10.00 per each morning of duck hunting and/or each afternoon of duck hunting.
You must notify me if you want to rent waders.


Other them standard decoys which we provide free of charge a party has the option to rent per each hunt one Mojo type battery operated decoy that includes batteries for $10.00 per each morning of duck hunting and/or each afternoon of duck hunting. There is no question that these type of decoys bring ducks in.
You must notify me if you want to rent one of these decoys.
See Mojo type battery operated decoy in photo below


A floating tote sled with a poly tow rope attached that is 48 inches long by 25 inches wide and 6 inches deep can also be rented for $5.00 per each morning of duck hunting and/or each afternoon of duck hunting. This sled will hold a duck hunters rucksack, gun, decoys, shells, etc.
You must notify me if you want to rent a tote sled.
See tote sled in the photo below.


You can relax and duck hunt sitting in comfort with a folding seat. Such seats are sold by Cabela's or other such sporting stores. A 24 inch high seat can be rented for $5.00 per each morning of duck hunting and/or each afternoon of duck hunting.
You must notify me if you want to rent a folding seat.
See folding seat inside sled in the above photo.

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2 Days 1 Night 1 Person Rate For Only $175.00
Required Reservation Deposit Is: $150.00

2 Days 1 Night 2 Person Rate For Only $325.00
Required Reservation Deposit Is: $300.00

GRATUITIES: in customary amount of 20% are not included in above rates.

Click here for more information and reservation requirements on our Duck Hunting Lake Okeechobee Special Rate of 2 days of duck hunting with a USCG licensed guide and a night of lodging. This package besides being an affordable duck hunting event also allows a duck hunter to take "two limits of duck" instead of a one day limit simply because each duck hunt is done on two different days!

duck hunting


"Only $75.00"

"DUCK HUNTING PER DAY RATE" 1 Person Cost Per Each Day Is Only: $75.00
Required Reservation Deposit Per Person Per Each Day Of Duck Hunting Is: $75.00

"DUCK HUNTING NON-HUNTER RATE" 1 Person Cost Per Each Day Is: $75.00
Required Reservation Deposit Per Person Per Each Day Is: $75.00

GRATUITIES: in customary amount of 20% are not included in above rate.

Click here for more information and reservation requirements on our
Duck Hunting Per Day hunting guide service.

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Motel lodging at the Glades Inn is provided only on our 2 half day 1 night duck package. Check in is after a party completes their afternoon session of duck hunting. A Party who would like to arrive prior to the day they start hunting can reserve an additional night of lodging at the Glades Inn or any of the below listed motels.

Please note the Glades Inn is currently closed due to renovations.
Hopefully it will be open for the September duck season.
Hunters need to call me a day prior to your arrival to find out if it is open.


We offer a courtesy lodging refund in the amount of $25.00 for the 1 night of lodging that is included with the 2 half day 1 night duck hunting rate. This credit will be subtracted from a party's 2 half days 1 night duck hunting package rate total cost in the event the Glades Inn is not open for business, the package is booked up, the party would prefer to stay somewhere else other then at the Glades Inn, or have other lodging options available such as a RV camper, trailer home, camping out, staying with friends, etc.


Ron's Guide Service recommends the Holiday Inn or Best Western in the town of Clewiston on U.S. 27 which is about 12 miles south of where we meet in the town of Moore Haven. 

Holiday Inn (Clewiston 863-983-5100) - Best Western (Clewiston 877-478-1700)

There are also numerous other motels in the town of Clewiston to stay at: 

on U.S. 27 Ph: 863-983-3141
MOTOR INN on U.S. 27 Ph: 863-983-4115
WEST EXPRESS INN on U.S. 27 Ph: 863-983-9161
RELAX INN on U.S. 27 Ph: 863-983-9309
PLAZA TRAVEL INN on U.S. 27 Ph: 863-983-5181
ANGLER’S MARINA MOTEL off of U.S. 27 Ph: 863-983-2277

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Reservation deposits are listed after each rate and can be made by
money order, certified check, or
online by credit card

Personal checks are not accepted.
Balance due is payable upon arrival by Cash or Money Order only.
We do not accept credit cards or personal checks on the balance due.
Reservation date/s are final and can not be rescheduled.
Reservation deposits are non-refundable in the event of a cancellation. See our:

duck hunting


To make reservations online with a credit card

Click here to make reservations ONLINE WITH A CREDIT CARD

 Visa Discover Mastercard American Express

To make reservations by U.S.Postal Mail Service, UPS or FedEx

Click here to print out the required RESERVATION FORM
you will need to mail out with your money order deposit to make reservations
by U.S.postal mail.

duck hunting


duck huntingRon's Guide Service will e-mail a written confirmation upon receipt of a party's reservation deposit confirming receipt of deposit, the total cost of the duck hunting trip that would include the guide rate, gratuities, credit card fee if applicable, the date of the reserved hunting trip, lodging date if applicable, optional cost of rental items ordered by the party if applicable, where to meet, time to meet, balance due upon arrival and other information.

The total cost of the hunting trip and balance due upon arrival (minus the deposit) will also be listed to ensure that there are no additional hidden fees or charges whatsoever!!!

It is your responsibility to e-mail me back as soon as you receive my e-mail confirmation verifying that the information containted in it is correct.

duck hunting


A Florida Hunting License, Florida Duck Stamp, Migratory Bird Permit and Federal Duck Stamp are required to hunt ducks in Florida. Resident hunting license cost is $12.50. Nonresident 10 day Hunting License cost is $46.50. Florida Duck Stamp cost is $3.00. The Migratory Bird Permit is issued free of charge.

This year's Federal Duck Stamp which will cost you $15.00 can only be purchased at a U.S. Post Office or Wal-Mart.

Children under the age of 16, supervised by an adult 18 years of age or older are exempt from hunting license, Migratory Bird Permit, Florida Waterfowl permit, and Federal Duck Stamp requirements.

Hunter Safety Mentoring Exemption

Effective Aug. 1, 2006, anyone 16 years or older and born after May 31, 1975 can hunt under the supervision of a licensed hunter, 21 or older, without having to complete the state hunter safety certification.
The newly established “Hunter Safety Mentoring Exemption” enables those persons to purchase a Florida hunting license and hunt during a one-year trial basis.
The new mentoring exemption was passed by the Florida Legislature to help persuade more people to experience hunting. It is designed to encourage experienced hunters to teach novice hunters about safety, ethics, wildlife, hunting skills and respect for Florida’s outdoors.
Until now, everyone 16 or over, and born after May 31, 1975, needed to complete the hunter safety requirement before they were allowed to buy a hunting license.
“This should be a great incentive for getting more people to give hunting a try, and hopefully, we can hook some of these folks on the hunting tradition,” said Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission hunter safety coordinator Bill Cline. “If a novice hunter enjoys the sport, we hope they take the hunter safety course and continue the experience for years to come.”
Individuals taking advantage of this try-before-you-buy approach would have to take and pass a hunter safety class to be eligible to purchase a hunting license and hunt the following year.

Click here
for more information about the Hunter Safety Mentoring Exemption.
It would be a good idea to print the above from the FWC web page in the event when you purchase a hunting license the seller of the license is not aware of the new law exemption.

Click here for more information about the hunter safety course.

Click here for other information pertaining to Florida hunting license

duck hunting

A online computerized license option is now available in the state of Florida. Duck hunters may purchase their Florida Hunting License, Migratory Bird Permit and Florida State Duck Stamp online using a credit card. Online agents will issue by e-mail a license number which will entitle hunters to hunt immediately or at some later date during the calendar year.
Click here
if you would like to use this convenient option.

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The Federal Duck Stamp is also sold online or by calling either (800) DUCK499 or (800) STAMP24. However, unlike the hunting license you can purchase online and hunt immediately with, you will have to wait for the Federal Duck Stamp to be mailed out to you before you can duck hunt!

Purchasing your Federal Duck Stamp online is a convenient method of getting your Federal duck stamp. A frameable photo of the stamp and Certificate of Appreciation is also included with the stamp.

Click here if you would like to purchase the Federal Duck Stamp online
from the FWS.

Click here to purchase the Federal Duck Stamp online from the USFWS.

Click here for other online Federal Duck Stamp places to purchase the stamp

duck hunting


Here's Captain Ron's new 2006 Diamondback 20 foot custom crafted airboat.

duck hunting

This one of a kind huge airboat on Lake Okeechobee is powered by a 496 cubic inch GM Levitator 8.1 HO fuel in-jected motor that has a horse power rating of 425 - 450 hp. A CH 2.1 gear reduction box that turns a 3 blade ultra wide Q series Sensenich propeller 4800 rpm and a custom built stainless steel exhaust system makes this airboat the quietest airboat you will ever ride in.
I have not to date had a client ask for ear plugs!
Custom built into the deck is a large insulated livewell and cooler. There are also 7 other large built in below deck and 2 under the seat storage compartments. A custom installed 80 lb. trust Minn-Kota trolling motor, 2 front mounted removable seats, a 6 foot bench seat, 2 KC lights in the grass rake covered by Lexan, 2 KC lights on the prop guard cage, center console instrument panel, Power Pole Anchor and full walk around deck makes this airboat a true pleasure to ride in. A fold down bimini top is an added pleasure of providing shade and rain protection during a party's trip.


duck huntingduck huntingduck hunting

Captain Ron also has 2 other custom built 18 ft. fiberglass hull airboats with rebuilt 500 cubic inch Cadillac motors that can carry (per each boat) 5 duck hunters and their gear safely and in comfort anywhere on Lake Okeechobee. You will enjoy the ride in style to and from the duck hunting area on the lake in these custom built airboats

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10600 DONNA DR.

Web Site:


PH: 863-946-1742duck huntingCELL: 863-287-8484

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